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Introduction to Valley View Martial Arts

Torrie Miller - Kung Fu instructor for Valley View Martial ArtsVVMA provides professional Martial Arts training for all ages in Cobble Hill, Mill Bay and the Cowichan Valley.


We are a fully-equipped facility, providing Kung Fu 'Training for All Ages'.  Regardless of your age, weight, size or ability, one-to-one progress checks ensure that each student learns at his or her own pace.  Respect for each other and for Martial Arts is at the heart of our school.  Our school is located in the Valleyview Shopping Centre in Cobble Hill with easy access from the Trans Canada Highway.

Our Flying Tigers (4-5) Program provides a class of fun-filled exercises designed to teach Focus, Respect, Discipline, Confidence and Coordination. 

Our Little Dragons (6-9) Program is a high-energy class structured towards Respect, Discipline, Physical Fitness and Self-Development.  Children will enjoy:  increased Self-Esteem; increased Flexibility; increased Stamina; increased Memory and improved Self-Control.

Within a ½-hour you will see immediate results.Benefits of Valley View Martial Arts

Our Family and Adult classes (10+) allows Adults and Children to experience the benefits of non-violent and non-competitive Martial Arts.  Training focuses on Physical Fitness; Self-Defense; Discipline; Leadership Skills; Improved Self-Confidence; Core-Strengthening; Flexibility; and much much more…….

Family training is an excellent opportunity for Parents and Kids to embrace the power of working together towards common or individual goals.



What Students Will Gain:

  • Improved Physical Fitness and Flexibility.
  • Great Stress Release.
  • Knowledge of an Art Form.
  • Self-Defense Skills.

Valley View Martial Arts is conveniently located and convenient to Your lifestyle.


Sifu Says

Six Habits of Successful Martial Artist

Six Habits of Successful Martial Artists

Regardless of how old you are or what rank you have acquired in your training, most martial arts students share a common goal… to be the best they can be. Sure you may never be able to leap five feet in the air, flip, and accurately side-kick your target and land in the full split. But, in reality, that does not matter. What does matter is that you are striving toward your personal potential. To help you get there try following these habits of successful students.

Habit One - Be there: Getting to class is important not only to continue your learning but also to provide your body with a routine that physically and mentally utilizes your knowledge. Experts have determined that two classes per week is optimal for beginners and lower intermediate students, while higher intermediate and advanced students may benefit from three or more classes.

Habit Two - Practice:  Reviewing at home what you learn is critical to enabling you to master your skills. Home practice makes your classes experience much more beneficial and comfortable. Practice anything new that you learn in class for five to ten minutes as soon as you get home that day. This ensures that you practice your new material properly while it is still fresh in your mind.

Habit Three - Eat Right: You are what you eat. Eat healthfully and your body will pay dividends when you challenge yourself mentally as well as physically. Good nutrition is recognized as a necessity for peak performance. And it is never too late to make nutrition a priority, so forget what may have happened over the holidays.

Habit Four - Stretch Daily:  Muscles that are stretched routinely become more flexible. Flexible muscles respond stronger and faster which allows your body to perform a technique with a “superman” quality. An added benefit is an increased metabolism… and we can all use that, right? But always remember to warm up your muscles first before stretching.        

Habit Five - Meditate:  Yes, Meditate. Now you do not have to lull yourself into a trance. Just take five to ten minutes a day by yourself; close your eyes and relax. Those precious few moments right before you pass out in bed each night do not count. Challenge yourself to budget your time each day. Take a few of those minutes and visualize yourself performing a martial arts technique that is hard and challenging. Your mind can be a great asset when it comes time to perform these techniques live.

Habit Six – Teach:  Help out a fellow student or teach yourself. The teaching process actually “hard codes” information into your brain and helps you to learn better and retain more concretely.



Ethan and Cayden

I would like to let you and Sifu Torrie know of the positive impact you have had on Ethan and Cayden. Since starting to learn with Sifu Torrie, Ethan's self esteem has improved tremendously.


How to Tie a Belt




How to Start

Free Private Lesson

  • A personal interview is of first importance.
  • Call 250.929.2211 to book a FREE private lesson.
  • We then invite you to attend a FREE, no-obligation group class.
  • Membership includes fees, uniform and belt.

Respect for each other and for Martial Arts is at the heart of our school